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Change Your Life

Nurture your mind, heart and soul to transform your life and relationships.

A must-read if you are scaling life’s mountains and need a hand up…


Phillip lives and works from Kingston, Ontario.

He is an avid traveler, athlete, private pilot, boater and life enthusiast who also enjoys performing on stage and television. He has penned many poems and short stories. Now he has penned his second book based upon his own life journey.


Read synopsis or a sample chapter inside.

What I have come to realize is that the smallest things can often have the greatest impact. I have tried to keep it simple for you: no extra reading, no charts or graphs, nothing too complicated. Just a few words and some ideas. Just pick a word, and start reading.


Phillip Brown is an energetic, funny and informative speaker.

In his current talk “26 Words That Can Change Your Life” Phillip shares, through his personal story of triumph over adversity, the power of one word and how it can shape your life.

…you must buy Critical Care and read it. Phillip Brown has a remarkable style. I lost two days and part of a night of my Christmas Holidays. Critical Care is a “can not put down read…